Grooming for Dogs
The Grooming Studio is open to boarders and non-boarders and all are welcome to make an appointment with our experienced Grooming Team.

The style and cut we can give pets depends on the texture and condition of their coat. Some owners like it all taken off, others prefer a longer style - the choice is yours.

We groom, clip, hand strip (if possible), bath and dry.

Do nails and pay attention to eyes and ears.

We will do anal glands, but must add a warning, if your dog is having persistent trouble in this area, you may be well advised to ask your vets opinion.

A well groomed dog is a pleasure to own and be seen with. we will be happy to give you tips and to help you select the right brushes and combs to keep your pet in top condition between visits.

Please ring for an appointment to visit or for further information.

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